In a far away time and a place long ago a group of adventurers had gathered to embark on a quest.

They were not certain of their goal and neither were they certain of the why’s. All they knew was the means.
And thusly they set off.

The road was long and winding as most travelers find it to be after hours of walking. Birds where chirping in the trees and the sun shone on the dew leaden spring flowers, causing a myriad of reflections watching the adventurers as they advanced in their journey.

The campaign Dissonant Whispers takes places between two kingdoms. The high-elven empire of Elenon and the human kingdom of Araki.
Tensions run high between the monarchies because of the blood-purist attitude of the elves and the distrust of the humans.
Between the two countries is a vast forest that takes several days to a week to travel and is quite dangerous as soon as you stray of the roads.

The campaign will be an epic-length story full of intrige, lore and its share of combat and vile darkness.


Dissonant Whispers

Yucora Ghostwood