The village of Asfaloth

Once there was a wizard of some reknown, Asfaloth. On his travels he found an old watch tower and settled there about 30 years ago. He built his workshop because the man is really into experimenting. The old watchtower looks like a chess piece and is a lone old tower. The wizard lived there quietly for some years, getting the bare necessities from nearby villages. But after a while the people migrated to his place. Having a wizard on hand in the dangerous forestlands is very beneficial to ones health. The encampment became houses and the houses became a village. Everyone prospered. The village has an inn, a herbalist and the wizard. The village also has a carpenter and a smith. They live mostly from trade and farming. Each home has it’s own fields just outside a sloppy built gate (mostly wood). The inhabitants lovingly call the village As.

The bartender is tall, burly man with a moustache and balding head. He is called Hassel and is kind but rigid. There isn’t really a major but he does solve most conflicts (the wizard doesn’t have people skills).

Hassel’s wife is called Loreen and has a farmers’ beauty. Sturdy and hardened through years of work. She cooks in the inn and is always available if someone needs a shoulder or good advice.
Their daughter Thassa (14) is a rebellious girl. She often skips out of tavern duties to scavenge in the woods or to beg Asfaloth to take her on as an apprentice.

Asfaloth used to be a slender man but fattened a little with age and the lack of adventure. He is nearing his sixties and has Parkinsons. He desperately tries to hide it and find a cure because the worse it gets the harder it is to cast spells and make potions and ointments. The man once acquired a goat as payment for a spell. He calls it Billy and spoils it rotten. Billy often scavenges through the tower in search of anything edible and it’s likely that anything you see has a gap the size of a goat’s mouth in it.

The carpenter, Brass, is incredibly grumpy and tawny. He’s around fifty and was one of the first that moved here. He complains about almost everything but is good at heart.
The smith is one of the richer people in the village as everyone almost always needs some thing or another from him.

The village of Asfaloth

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